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What’s next for free downloads after the fall of

With being shut down, it is quite possible that more will follow. HotFile, FileSonic, UploadKing, UploadHere, FileServe, DepositFiles, xShare, wFiles not to mention a hundred others could all go any day now. So what’s next? Torrents! Torrents may be the only way left to host files on the internet without needing to have a […]

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How do I use my new HP printer without installing the HP Yahoo toolbar?

Oh wait, I can’t. All I wanted was a printer. A also notice I can’t install the printer without having internet – so their phoning home too. Oh, and did I mention the installer crashes if I choose “minimum install”? Just my rant about another company that can’t make a buck the honest way anymore. […]

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What information do corporations record on you?

A handly little site to see what data is being collected, based on the many site cookies in your browser cache: 

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Is SPAM a form of Steganography

The best SPAM gets through SPAM filters undetected. Why?

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